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February 2017


Music School plaque
Mill stream plaque










Two commemorative plaques have been put in place around the school. The first sits on the staircase in the Music school and tells the story of how the Old Upper Mill was demolished in 1922, to make way for Fives courts and a Music School. The second plaque sits on the wall over the Mill Race in Mill Street, underneath the original but sadly almost illegible stone tablet. In 1927 a competition was held, open to boys, masters and governors, to find the most suitable inscription for the plaque. This was won by Mr F Dale whose inscription was in Latin. A prize was then offered for the best translation, the competition was open to the public and the winner was a Professor L.W. Lyde of U.C.L. The two winning entries read thus -

In hac ripa molae steterunt,                                Here for a thousand years the Old Mills stood                                                               

Mille per annos alimetumque                                            And gave us bread

Praebuerunt donec utilitatibus                             Here now our school in rival Motherhood

Scholae aeque altricis cesserunt.                                      Feeds minds instead.


Millstream view





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