Additions to the OB book collection

Posted by Berkhamsted Admin on 01 Dec 2018

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December 2018

An autobiography entitled Running Free is the latest book from Old Berkhamstedian Sir Robin Knox-Johnston.

A slim volume, entitled ‘Man from the Ice’ started life as a Year 6 English homework for the author, M. Hickman. Encouraged by family and teachers, the story was recommended for publication in 2018; the youngest writer to date to join this archive category.

Pages forty one to forty two, of Jill Pateman's history of village life, tells the story of Archibald Douglas Lerags Campbell OB Uppers, 1900. Killed in action 18th November, 1918. (Archibald is featured, bottom left on the front cover.)

These three books will join the collection of books ‘written by or about Old Berkhamstedians’.





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