'Then & Now'

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'Then & Now'
Deans Hall before

The black and white photo shows Deans’ Hall c.1911, with the two entrance doors and the gallery, long before its height was divided into two, in the late 1980s, to become the hall we know today. The original stage was positioned underneath the large stained glass window. 

Deans Hall new

Today, the stage is at the other end of the hall and the lovely top windows, throw light over all of the functions that the hall accommodates.

CCF old
CCF present day









The School C.C.F. on parade circa 1892 and 2019. Note the Fives Courts to the left of the earlier picture, demolished to make way for the building of the Junior School and Deans’ Hall in 1910 and the absence of the Memorial Library, which now bisects the two Quads.


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