Sixth form magazines and careers information, past and present

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VI for magazines and careers information, past and present
Illiterate digest










Two very different publications, produced by the VI Form, one hundred years apart.

The ILLITERARY DIGEST featured stories, illustrations, quips and quirks, interviews and articles debating issues of the day and the chance to win four doughnuts, for guessing a short story title! INK magazine follows on in the same vein, without the doughnuts and presents interesting and informative articles about the issues that present themselves, in this day and age.

Careers page 1
Fashion drawings
How to train

Researching for an enquiry, had me delving into the 1937 Girls’ Chronicle and I came across several pages entitled “Interesting Careers at a Glance”. I’m sure that Angora Wool Farming was viewed as quite adventurous in 1937 but would be quite a relevant option, in this eco-friendly age.

The diversity of career choices available today is astonishing and the pupils are extremely fortunate to have the guidance, expertise and help in many forms, from the School’s Careers Department, with the team putting together wonderful Careers events every year.



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