Remembering JAD

Posted by Berkhamsted Admin on 18 Jan 2023

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Kneeler to celebrate John’s years of service as Church Warden

In February 2020, I received a request from a parishioner in Pulborough. The lady, a friend of John ‘JAD’ Davison, Master at Berkhamsted 1960-1997, had been tasked with making and embroidering a kneeler to celebrate John’s years of service as Church Warden. The idea was to incorporate into the design a connection to the school and could we help in any way? A representation of the school crest was put forward and was experimented with on various materials, without much luck. A colours badge, of which we had a selection in the store was just the ticket. Posted to Pulborough, it was cut, edged and incorporated into the design. The completed kneeler is shown in the photo.


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