February 2018

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February 2018

Another happy discovery for me was that of a small, fine suede covered photo album, that at last gave me the answer to the question of the name of Dr Fry’s lovely dog………. Roy.

Dr Fry











A possible, project for the future will be the ‘unreeling’ of a collection of cine film that we hold. Whilst relocating the cine tins and boxes, this trio of cameras came to light - an American Eastman Kodak cinemodel, a Nalcolm XL-113 and another American made model the A-9 Keystone Criterion. The bottom of the box offered up several boxes of projection slides and glass lantern plates. The few slides and plates that I held up to the light (not good for the neck muscles!) revealed C.C.F. parades and views and buildings from around the school. I am hoping that I can draw on the expertise of the B.F.I. at Kingshill, with regard to the best way to treat the film and I will of course keep you up to date with all the news for that project. If anyone can help with additional information about the cameras, it would be most welcome.



Enquiries arrive from all parts of the world, with visitors from China and Australia in January, as well as closer to home, with requests from staff, helping a student from Egerton Rothesay with research for an EPQ, on Peter the Wild Boy and a volunteer at the local library, who is looking into the world of archives as a possible career.

Support, enthusiasm and interest has always been forthcoming from the Old Berkhamstedians and the very recent decision to fund the digitisation of the School magazines, Berkhamstedians (from 1880) and Chronicles (from 1890), is amazingly generous. The scanning process takes approx. twelve weeks, with access to magazines as and when they are completed. The whole project will take about twenty months to complete and will enable greater access to one of the best archive resources.

Berhamstedian Chronicles


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