March 2019

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March 2019

A recent enquiry had me looking through the Chronicles for the late 1920s, early ‘30s and I stopped to read the article entitled ‘A New Novelist’. Going completely off course, I looked at Lilian Faith Loveday Prior’s records. She came to Berkhamsted as a thirteen year old in 1920 and each successive year, managed to produce poetry that featured in every Chronicle, winning the Lady Cooper’s prize for best poem, when she was seventeen. As a Loxwood House prefect and Editor on the magazine committee, she was committed to all aspects of school life.

Although the copy of her novel, that M.Cloquet sent to the school, has long gone, I managed to find another copy and that will join the collection of Books written by or about Old Berkhamstedians.

Loveday Prior page
Loveday book
Loveday book open










Enquiries have come from inside and outside the School community, these past few months. Assemblies by Cox’s, Fry’s, Greenes, Loxwood and Wolstenholme have been researched and well received. Russell has chosen to give an assembly at the end of March, about an Old Berkhamstedian, Grandfather to two of the Russell girls. Grandfather now lives in Canada and the plan is to do a facetime/skype interview with him, for their presentation.

As a place of safekeeping for Peter the Wild Boys collar, the School has had several visitors, with varying reasons for wanting to see it. One such visitor, travelled up from North Wales in the half term to do just that. As Secretary of Pitt Hopkins UK, she had a personal reason for wanting to see the collar and saw it as another article of interest to boost the syndrome’s awareness. A lovely lady, she was delighted to have been able to visit. Research by others into Peter and his life, suggested that he may have suffered from Pitt Hopkins.


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