July 2016

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July 2016

Documents and photographs from the archive have contributed to three projects in recent weeks – Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth’s visit in May, a very special event. The Orchestral Somme evening on 1st July, which included a presentation that had been put together by a group of our Year 10 boys and the David Case Pavilion at Chesham Fields, which is nearing completion.

In the last update I spoke about Brett Mackay Cloutman’s Infantry Officer's sword, which is now on display. It has been joined by a second sword (pictured below) of the same type, pattern and era. This sword unfortunately has no markings and will remain provenance unknown. Amazingly, the sword was discovered in a House room cupboard on a last security sweep, the day before the Queen’s visit! This sword has also been mounted and is on display alongside Cloutman’s own in the Exhibition Room.

New Sword

Cataloguing and enquiries continue apace and the office looks a little less like a cave, as I relocate items to the store.

The Fisher family will finally visit from Australia on the 20th of this month, the culmination of a long planned trip to see their Grandfather’s school.

We have had two further donations of books written by OBs (Victor Meek Swifts, 1916 and Fakir S.A.U. St John’s, 1958) and will be looking to purchase two others in the new term, the first by Jonty Driver (Headmaster 1983-1989) and the second by Derek Winterbottom (Head of History 1973-1979).

I will be tackling one of the storage attics during the summer holidays to see what treasures I can find and will update you, should I do so.

The biggest project for the Archive and one that is always top of my wish list would be the digitisation of the Berkhamstedians. Researching Alan Pennington highlighted this wish. With the loss of the Athletics Records books several years ago, a part of the school’s sporting history is unknown. Compiling the Athletics records from a digital source would be a rewarding start… I wonder if there are any OBs, whose records still stand?

However you are spending the summer, I wish you some sunshine and relaxation.


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