February 2017

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February 2017

I have had members of Staff ask me where I‘ve been, as they haven’t seen me around much. The answer is, buried in my office cataloguing, referencing and cross checking ‘til the cows come home. Enquiries, visitors and projects are still coming in abundance and with the culmination of a few, more pressing projects, I can concentrate on the bread and butter work, which I enjoy just as much. 

There have been a few alterations and additions in the Exhibition Room, the Girls’ Headmistresses have found their place in the Archive Store and are joined by individual boxes and folders for all the Girls’ Houses, including the originals, such as Stede, Loxwood and School. I have a wobbly pile, one of several against my desk, which, once sorted will, hopefully add to each category.

Music School plaque
Mill stream plaque










The two plaques have been put in place, one inside the Music School and one on the Mill race in Mill Street, underneath the original but illegible stone tablet. They show an embedded photograph of the old Mill site before the Fives Court and Music School came into being and tell of the competition held in 1927, for the best Latin inscription and best English translation. 

Millstream view

Two artefact projects are coming to a conclusion and will go on display in and around the School before Easter. Another couple are in the pipeline. More information and photographs will follow in future updates.

If reading about the School Scout Troop has bought back memories for you and you think you may have papers or memorabilia tucked away, that you would be willing to donate, they would be most gratefully received.  To add to this, many of our visitors write to comment on their time looking around the School, always favourably, I might add ….. so far! Retracing their steps, jogs the memory and ex girls and boys often comment that they could tell a story or two about their time here. I have quite a collection of reminiscences and would like to compile them at a later date. If you feel like putting pen to paper/email, please send them in and I will add them to the collection.

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