Wisteria, south view & Acacia tree

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Wisteria, south view & Acacia tree

It isn’t just the school buildings that have stood the test of time, as these photographs show.

The wisteria is in evidence in the photograph of Dr Fry (Headmaster 1888 - 1911), standing on the steps of what is now the Archive Office, facing St Peter’s churchyard.

Dr Fry copy

The colour photograph shows how the beautiful vine continues to grow and bloom.


Another true survivor is the Acacia tree in the Gravel Quad.

The 1913 black and white photo shows the boys and Masters of Swifts gathered for their photo shoot under the Acacia tree.

Acacia old

Although the tree has help and support from metal rods today, it too continues to bloom each Spring and is still the place to gather in the Gravel Quad.

Acacia new


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