Christmas memorabilia & Junior School Express

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Christmas memorabilia & Junior School Express

Christmas memorabilia

3 programmes

Programmes for House Christmas Sing Songs, showcasing the artistic talents of the pupils. Christmas cards sent by Housemasters, with the House colours and the achievements listed inside and a Christmas card commemorating the visit of the Prince of Wales in June 1935. 

Card cover
Card spread
Sing song
Chapel card
Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas spread

Berkhamsted Junior School Express

Double page cover

An in-house publication from the Junior School, produced each term for the bargain price of 10p!

Filled with poetry, stories, club news, letters to the Editor and some quite firm views on various topics. The editions featured here showcase some of the artistic talents of NT Lindsay and M Baldwin, with letters and advice from pupils in Forms 2C and 3A.

The Archive holds just nine copies dating from 1984 through to the Summer edition of 1988.

This is the first dip into this ‘treasure’ and I will bring you a second helping in the next update.

I used to be pathetic
Back cover
Advice to boys


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