School Press items & Lacrosse book

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School Press items & Lacrosse book

The School Press was started in December, 1932 from a room opposite the Music School. Its last home was a room in the new classroom block, built when ‘The Fish’ was demolished in 1969.


The booklet was produced to be sold at the Printing Exhibition on Founder’s Day, 1949 in order to raise funds for a new Treadle-operated Printing machine.

Printed sheet

Founder’s Day guests were often invited to work the printing machines and produce a sheet, such as the one shown here, signed by Hugh P. Lloyd, Bomber Command.

Print group

Three examples of work printed by the School Press.

Lacrosse montage

A recent enquiry about a former member of staff, led me to purchase this Lacrosse book, written by Winifred O. Legg, who taught Games, Gymnastics and Remedials at Berkhamsted Girls’ between 1913 and 1916. Note the prices of equipment, a lot of money in 1924 and Hattersley’s are still manufacturing sporting equipment today.

Winifred was a student of Madame Bergman Osterburg, who founded a Physical Training College in Hampstead in 1885. The book originally belonged to Nancie Booth, a former pupil of Chelsea College of Physical Education.


Four photographs from the School Archive, will be part of an English Lacrosse display, for the FIL Rathbones Women’s World Cup, being held at Guildford, next July.


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