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Posted by Berkhamsted Admin on 04 Apr 2023

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School Scout shield

Berkhamsted Boys School Scout Troop 

This distinctive shield had been found in a loft clearance and returned to the School by an OB, who was paying a return visit to Berkhamsted. The very dirty metal parts were removed and gently cleaned; the wooden backboard had many little nail holes and shadows around the edge, suggesting that award plates had been previously fixed to it. With a little reshaping and polishing it has been returned to, maybe not its original but certainly new glory.

The smaller wooden awards board records the names of the Berkhamsted Scout Patrols, such as Peewits, Otters and Bulldogs for the period between 1947 and 1968. An explanatory silver plate was added to the bottom of the board and the two items are now on display in the Exhibition Room.


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