Berkhamsted boys 1914-18

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October 2018

Our Berkhamsted Boys is an ongoing project, aimed at putting faces to the names of the Berkhamsted boys lost to the Great War. The images that we are able to gather will be made into framed posters. It is hoped that the framed artefacts can then be displayed in the Memorial Library; opened in 1924 to honour the boys and Masters who lost their lives fighting for their country. 


The ‘Tommy’ perspex figure was purchased as an addition to the Exhibition Room. It was part of a nationwide installation project with three aims: to commemorate the fallen, to educate all generations and to heal veterans. You may well have seen some of  the six feet tall, black outline structures on village greens in the local area. ‘There but not There’ is a 2018 Armistice project. 

Perspex soldier



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