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Eyewitness at Dieppe is a retelling of Canada’s worst military disaster.

The original account was entitled Rehearsal for Invasion, a wartime bestseller written by Wallace Reyburn OB Lowers 1929.

Wallace was the only war correspondent to witness the street fighting first-hand and was fortunate not to be a casualty, suffering only minor wounds.

This new edition, written by Ross Reyburn OB Lowers 1964, details more about Wallace’s intriguing life, the shortcomings of his father’s book and the wartime censorship that dictated what was written.

Faith by Matthew Horton OB Swifts 1990.

A music editor and journalist, Matthew writes about the model and themes that went into Faith; about the songs that endure to this day and the story of how George Michael’s multimillion selling album was made.


A ‘Young Writers’ competition asking secondary school pupils to create a story from the numbers in the world around them.

The entry entitled ‘Midnight Mystery’, written by one of our Year 9 pupils, appears on page 24 of the publication.


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