A Story of Relish

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Bottle of Relish

Robert Goodall established a chemist’s shop in Leeds in 1853 and five years later partnered with two chemists, William Powell and Henry Backhouse.

They began to make relish from a family recipe and by 1900 the Goodall & Backhouse factory was the largest sauce factory in the world.

Goodall died in 1870, Backhouse in 1876 and Powell in 1900.

The business was sold to Hammonds Sauce Co., Shipley, Yorkshire in 1959.

Yorkshire relish is still made today by Goodall’s of Ireland.

This undamaged relish bottle was recently unearthed from the new VI Form site excavations and is one of a collection of ceramic and glass items found; all washed and cleaned and presently on display in the Exhibition room.


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