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April 2018

In the last update, I wrote about the collection of cine film and magnetic tape that we hold. With a call to the British Film Institute, at Kingshill in Berkhamsted and a date for the end of February arranged: two lovely curatorial archivists came to visit.  Their advice was invaluable and it was reassuring to know that our collection was considered stable stock and in good condition, as far as they could tell. The next step is to list, photograph and record the size of the film, as well as storing the whole collection in a metal locker (which I just happen to have in my office, having saved it from a skip, after a cellar clear out).


The eventual aim is to have the film transferred to an up to the minute format, to enable us to view what has been stored away for the past sixty odd years. The B.F.I. do not carry out that service but I was given the contact details for two film labs. Once the listing is completed, I shall be in touch with them. This is a job for the Summer, as access to the Library attic will be a whole lot easier with fewer folk around. Whatever film treasures come to light, be assured, I will keep you informed.


We have had an offer of a woggle for our scout neckerchief, from Mr Peter Crawford, a member of both Berkhamsted School Troops in the 1940s. Another satisfying result from our ‘Can You Help’ page. We are most grateful, thank you.

Two further additions to the collection of books written by or about Old Berkhamstedians – ‘Mr.Prune on Cotswold’ by Richard Blake Brown, Lowers 1920 (a contemporary of Graham Greene).


For fans of the long running radio show The Archers – ‘Being David Archer and other unusual ways of earning a living’ by Timothy Bentinck, OB 1966. Tim has worked in film, radio, stage, television and in the world of voiceover work. The ultimate accolade though, in his words - playing a Time Lord in Doctor Who! It’s a very entertaining read and his time at school covers eight pages.  

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