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June/July 2018

Memorial 2 guys shaking hands

The February update mentioned that a trip to Gallipoli was on the cards for a member of the School’s Estates team.


During his May visit, Steve Hammond wanted to find the grave of F.W.Brunner OB Uppers, 1888 and leave a token of remembrance from the School (he had taken a memento card and an OBs badge with him). Whilst visiting the Buyuk Anafarta museum near the Greenhill Cemetery, he met up with the Curator, who was very keen to keep the Berkhamsted mementos safely on display in the museum.


The photographs show a view of Greenhill and Steve with the Museum Curator.

1974 leavers

As a group of four, these school friends, 1974 leavers, had not been together in more than forty years. This last weekend, saw them travel from France, Surrey, the Isle of Skye and Australia to meet up and visit their old school. The paths they took after leaving Berkhamsted, were very successful and varied – Learning Dynamics, Film and TV production, Civil Service and Industry, with recognition in the Queen’s Birthday 2017 Honours List for one and a Lion D’Or for another.


Anna writes “that, the minute we set foot back in the grounds of the former Russell House, we all became our former teenaged selves, it was a wonderful, life-enhancing visit”. They were delightful company, curious with questions, about how the school had changed and all with stories to tell about their schooldays.

L to R:   Debbie Cardwell (nee Bender) Katherine Woodthorpe, Anna Windebank (nee Hart) and Kim Wartho (nee Edden).

Woggle Scouts Life and the law

A request on our ‘Can You Help’ page has met with success – Peter Crawford OB Bees, 1948, very kindly donated a Scout Woggle, which was part of his uniform as a member of the Senior Troop that went to the World Jamboree at Moisson, France in 1947. The photos show Peter, pictured right, back row (reproduced with permission), the woggle on display and Peter’s book entitled Life and the Law, which will be another addition to our OBs collection.

A second donation to the collection is a children’s book, not something we have many of in the Archive. Kelly Wright works as a teaching assistant at Stepping Stones and the idea for her book, The Bluebell Wood came from a childhood memory. The little story book was finally published in 2018 and is dedicated to her nieces and nephew.  


Bluebell Wood

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