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October 2018

The theme for these pages has centred around the First World War. This wasn’t intentional but donations and enquiries naturally built a story, so I ran with it.


I can’t recall how many times I’ve read the Roll of Honour in my working week and one thing I have always wanted to do, has been to put faces to the names. That project has now started, with the enthusiastic help of Steve Hammond in the Estates Dept., who, in his own time, has gathered together most of the images that you see here. The first thirty images have been transformed into a framed poster, entitled Berkhamsted Boys 1914-1918 with the names of the boys listed along the bottom. The aim is to capture all the images and have a series of framed posters, which can be displayed in the Memorial Library at Castle. This first one will be on display in the Exhibition Room for the time being.




The ‘Tommy’ perspex figure was purchased as an addition to the Exhibition Room. It is part of a nationwide installation project with three aims: to commemorate the fallen, to educate all generations and to heal veterans. You may well have seen some of  the six feet tall, black outline structures on village greens in the local area. ‘There but not There’ is a 2018 Armistice project. Details can be found at therebutnotthere.org.uk, if you are wanting to know more.

Poster Perspex soldier

The Cine Film project has completed its second stage, with the collection detailed on a spreadsheet.

There are seventy six reels of film and the next step is to get the collection assessed, with a view to transferring it to a viewer friendly format. I will keep you updated.


Enquiries are keeping me very busy and have resulted in several visits since our return in September.


The most recent visitor, a 1964 OB on holiday in the U.K. with his sister, was hoping to revisit his old school. It was a pleasure to show them both round. His sister though, was not quite so fortunate, as she discovered her independent girls’ school had been demolished many years previously!


The Houses have been selecting their chosen items to adopt from the Archive and two of the History masters have requested information for the week of Remembrance assemblies in November.


Enquiries from all manner of people have bought my enquiry tally to 546……some just want the information for a specific task or piece of research, others will contact me many times as they are trying to soak up as much information as I can give them. Reuniting people with information that they were unaware of, is one of the best bits of my work. Visits are always a highlight, as I enjoy listening to the OBs reminisce and I always ask that if they’ve the time, to jot their memories down and send them in to me – all fodder for another project.

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