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We have an assortment of formats in this category, amongst them, several tiny bound volumes, the earliest of which dates from 1891 and is featured here.  You can see that the name Stallard appears in the various divisions for Greek. This young man is one of a family of brothers who attended Berkhamsted and is an ancestor of our present Deputy Head of Greenes and Religion & Philosophy teacher, Mr Max Stallard.

The two school lists from the 1940s were amongst a parcel of papers donated to the archive. They contain the names of all the pupils and each class, from the Preparatory I to Upper VI Classical.

The second entry for Chemistry, lists Brunner in Class I, he was one of another family of brothers who attended Berkhamsted and he is remembered on the WWI Roll of Honour. As a Major in the Royal Engineers, he was listed as missing in action in Gallipoli 9th August, 1915.


Steve Hammond, a member of our Estates team is a keen history buff and came to ask after Brunner. He is planning a trip to Gallipoli in May this year and will lay a token of remembrance from the school.

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Boxes of artefacts and papers arrive at my door, some in person, some by post and an awful lot from cupboards, attics and cellars around the school. Collected over many years and left in storage, they are now waiting their turn to be sorted and catalogued. This picture shows the latest  discovery – a box full of copper positives, with scenes from around the school, various school activities and events. These were used in the production and publishing of the school magazine.


Many of the artefacts and papers that I have, were obviously donated at one time or another but not all have letters of explanation and provenance. I will carry on featuring these under donations, alongside the proven gifts.



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