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Donations and Discoveries

This trio of silver cups hark back to a time when Alderley and Four Oaks were part of the Girls’ School. Purchased in 1945 and used for boarding, they were located in Chesham Road & Graemesdyke Road. Alderley was sold in 1960 and the proceeds were used to enlarge the Four Oaks house, to accommodate fifty girls.


The house was renamed Churchill, in honour of a famous OB, Clementine, Mrs.Winston Churchill.

The silver cups were part of a four box bundle of prize cups, that had been discovered in the old boiler room at Kings. I have rescued and polished a lovely selection, which are heading back to Kings, as part of a corridor display and to Mrs.Richardson’s office. The remainder will be another project on my to do list, as further investigation is needed.


Cups Fouroaks

An anonymous donation, tucked away in a cupboard at Kings, came to light recently and releasing this lovely little book from its grubby packaging, I discovered the remains of a pressed peacock feather between the pages. A Child's Garden of Verses by Robert Louis Stevenson and illustrated by Charles Robinson, was awarded to Annie Gander in 1911, as a prize for good general work in Form I. The bookplate is signed by Beatrice Harris, Headmistress 1897-1917.


On the subject of the Girls, this coming 1st May celebrates 130 years since the foundation of Berkhamsted Girls’ Grammar School.

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Girls school book Page turn

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A very recent request, for information about an Incents old boy, led me to this House book. Whilst reading the numerous written match reports, this extract about an inter-house cricket match between Incents and Bees caught my eye.


A.T. ‘Jackie’ Hill was a much liked and respected Master and obviously knew that an encouraging word works wonders, along with sound advice about the reason for pads!


Incents lost the match by 25 runs!

Cricket book

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