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'I Escape!' tells the story of Jocelyn L. (H) Hardy OB Bees. 1911. As a prisoner of war in the First World War, he planned twelve escapes from the many prison camps that tried to contain him.

Five of these attempts were successful.


In a previous update, I featured a book entitled 'An Escaper's Log' by Captain Grinnell-Milne, another First World War escapee and he wrote this about Hardy -

"His reputation as a prison-breaker was, I suppose, the most widely known throughout the camps of Germany, some of his adventures were quite outstanding".


The lovely 1928 copy, with an introduction by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the more recent 2014 publication, were gifted to the Archive by Keith Goddard OB Adders 1962.


'Yateley in the Great War' was donated to the archive by the author, Peter J. Tipton OB Adders, 1958, who was a guest at a recent Adders reunion. He has inscribed the inside front page thus "Presented by the author in tribute to John Coleridge Mills of Yateley and those from this school (Berkhamsted) who fell in the Great War".


These books will join the collection of books by and about Old Berkhamstedians.

When Edna Batchelor was at Berkhamsted Girls' Grammar School, her daily commute would mean a cycle ride from Little Gaddesden each morning to get to school. How times have changed! 'Needlecraft in the School' by Margaret Swanson was the Eileen Smith Needlework prize, presented to Edna in October, 1919 by the then Headmistress Gladys R. Sowels. Some of the original embroidery silks, still vibrant after a hundred years, were tucked inside.

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