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Much interest was shown in the trio of bears that appeared on the website and they prompted many a conversation at the recent 125 dinner, where they were on display.


Not wanting to shut them away in the Archive,

a decision was made for the 'girls' to be on permanent display in the School Office at Kings.


An idea was then put forward to dress a bear in the present day uniform. Generous funding from Mrs Clancy enabled us to purchase a beautiful bear and Jan Armstrong, our School Secretary, enthusiastically volunteered to make the tiny uniform, a task she may well have reconsidered on several occasions whilst sewing!


Redundant uniform was sourced, material from a wedding dress was used and a huge amount of care and attention to detail from Jan, produced Rose.

Teddy Bear

Once a display cabinet has been made, she will stand alongside Beatrice, Susan and Grace in the School Office of Kings' Campus.

Thanks must also go to Mr Lansdell, who was a vital support in this project and

Fra Garratt for her technical expertise.

For something completely different, though not particularly 'pc' in these times, is the addition to the Archive of this recently purchased item.


This cigarette card was No. 19 in a series of cards, issued in 1906, entitled 'School Arms'. The back of the card gives a very brief history of the School, with a translation of the School Motto.


WD & HO Wills was founded in 1786 and they were the first British company to issue cigarette cards. The first card, used for advertising, appeared in 1887. The first series of 25 ships appeared in 1895. Albums could be purchased from tobacconists for one shilling (5 new pence). I can imagine many a child, in years gone by, waiting for the smoker in the family to buy a new packet of cigarettes, so that the precious card collection could be added to.

Cigarette card Cigarette card reverse

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