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This very eclectic mix of objects was discovered in one of the chimneys of St David’s, during the summer schedule of refurbishment at the Prep School.


It includes a memo from a local stationers, an invitation from the Young Abstainers Union, Berkhamsted Branch, several ‘At Home’ invites and postcards from such far flung places as Andover and Jerusalem! Most all of the correspondence is addressed to members of the Footner family, St David’s, Berkhampstead.

The very faded photographs and the little Christmas card have no names or dates but the name of the ship on the buoy, held by the young man in the front row is ‘Inverurie’.

Photos Scissors

The delicate pair of scissors have parts of the words Tottenham Court Road along one of the blades.


These assorted treasures will be put in a display case, along with whatever information can be found about the Footner family and the years they lived in St David’s. The case will then hang over the fireplace in the Prep School, where they were discovered.

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