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From Edwardian to Elizabethan, these items offer a peep into School life, fifty years apart. The first donation is a journal written over a period of two years by PCL ‘Cyril’ Thorne, Bees ’09. Entries from March and April 1908.


“Still cold. Got up at 7.30 – early for a Sunday! At Chapel the Doctor (Fry) forgot to say blessing”.


“Last two hours form did experiments with CO and Hydrogen apparatus of Ward and Leak I, (there was a Leak II) blew up with a terrific bang.

Ward’s forehead was cut by flying glass – nothing serious”.


“Stingy Cook gave us no jam and ¾ cup full of semi cold tea – I pity the man who gets her! Ethel is far preferable for she does what she can do for you. Did Geology and read a Royal (we had brought home a quarterly in evening). To bed at 11”.


“I am of the opinion, since C.H.G’s (Charles Greene) discourse this afternoon that Socrates is a decent chap but that the Greek language is a vile one; if anything happens to be regular they carefully knocked out some letters or jammed two together!”


Accompanying the journal was his timetable from Michaelmas term, 1909. How different to the packed timetables of today.

The second donation consisted of several items, which included these subject exam papers and a GCE exam timetable from the Summer of 1958.


These items were gifted to the School Archive by Robert Thorne, son of the journal keeper and Judith Anne McKane Loxwood ’58.


Exam timetable Timetable Diary Exam papers

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