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I have, this past week, catalogued one donation, which contained seventy two items. Personal letters and memorabilia of a life, lived during the Great War and one which revolved around the School. It has been fascinating to work on. The little Christmas card is the link between the Donations and Featured Artefacts, read on to find out more.

The Warrant was issued to serving Officers and shows King Edward VII’s signature and seal. The later Warrants had the seal embossed into the paper.

There were six censor stamps used on mail from the Western Front and the letter, date marked 23rd September, 1916 from Field Post Office 100, shows the hexagonal censor stamp, introduced in the January of that year.


The Christmas card was printed by the School Press, who had managed to reproduce a very good image of the School crest.  T.H.C.Hopkins was to live through a second war in his lifetime and his message conveys hope that it would not last long. It is dated Christmas, 1939.

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