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On December 16th 2016, the newspapers were reporting on the Cub Scouts celebrating their 100th anniversary. That same morning I received a parcel from Mr. James Hasler, a Master at the School from 1949 and Scoutmaster, 1954-1956. Contained within, was a log book and a collection of photographs of the Scouts at camp, c.1954. There is also a lovely pen and ink sketch of the camp,  drawn by Mr. W.L.Woods, then Head of Art. A framed copy of the drawing is displayed in the Exhibition Room, alongside the other artefacts from this update.

The selection of photographs show Mr.Hasler and the boys unloading on arrival at Camp, one of the Scout Patrols with their kit, looking ready for inspection, Mr. J.E. Chinneck, Assistant Scoutmaster, issuing pocket money, for an unsupervised Saturday afternoon trip into Burford and the very smart Sunday parade at Swinbrook Church.

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