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There is a chunk of information missing with regard to the above years. If you were or can definitely confirm who was Head of House for:-

Adders, Bees, Cox's, Fry's, Greenes, Incents, Loxwood and Swifts

for these years, we would welcome a call or email with the name and year.


Thank you in advance for any help given.

This is an ongoing request for help:

Pupil Heads of House (all houses), Boys School, between 1982 and 1992 and for the year 1998

Berkhamstedian 1991

Can you help?

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Firstly, would anyone have a stereoscopic viewer packed away in the attic, shed or cupboard that they no longer use and would be willing to donate to the archive? I remember the red plastic versions from my childhood but I would like a more elegant version. There are some lovely wooden items on various sites and this would be an option should my request not bear fruit. It would be good to have a viewer to show the slides off in the proper manner.

Two more requests for help please!

Stereo slides

My second request for help might prove a little easier to accommodate. I have a half mannequin, which I intend to use for sportswear display but need a pair of rugby or football shorts to dress the bottom half. If any OBs had a pair of the older type cotton shorts, they would suit perfectly and modesty would be maintained!


If you can help with any of these requests, please let me know by any means listed on the ‘Contact Us’ page.

If anyone has a copy/ies of this girls’ magazine for 1902 and would be willing to donate it/them to the Archive to complete the decade, it would be most appreciated.

Incents magazine

A recent request for information about the School’s Scout Troop has thrown up a question that at the moment, cannot be answered. The few photographs that the Archive has are black and white and little is written about chosen colours etc. Would anybody out there know the colours and the format of the Scout Troop’s scarf ? As always, any information, however little, would be much appreciated.


Click on image to enlarge

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Several glass fragments and a jar were recently dug up, when work was being carried out on the new adventure playground on the Beeches site. Amongst them was this oddly shaped bottle,

rather dirty and calcified but underneath an opalescence can be seen. I will of course investigate but if anybody reading this has a clue what it was used for, I would be most grateful for a call or email. 01442 358051/ archive@berkhamstedschool.org …..

Many thanks.

The Archive has been given a bag containing several albums of photographs of Berkhamsted School for Girls c. 1950-1970. I have catalogued the items and put them in the store but I have no paperwork to tell who donated them. If you are that donor, could you get in touch, to enable me to complete the catalogue entry.

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Scout scarf

This is an absolute long shot but would any of our OBs have an original woggle for this 1954 triangular neckerchief, embroidered with the school crest and worn by the 1st Berkhamsted School Scout Troop. I have faith but if that doesn’t work, I shall have a go at fashioning one myself.

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The picture of Sibdon House (a boys boarding house) is from the 1930s and according to records, it was the former home of Sir Richard Cooper and purchased by the School in September, 1900. Would anyone know which house in Ravens Lane it was and its location? It was converted and part of it was renamed Bartrum House and another part Mayo House and it was certainly the Art School in the 1940s. If anyone can help me pinpoint its location, I would be most grateful.

Bottle 2 Sibdon House

Click on image to enlarge

Answer: with the discovery of a neckerchief, as pictured in the ‘Can you help’

request for a woggle, the question about colours of the scout scarf has been answered.


Does this photograph of a Nepalese Kukri knife, jog any memories with anyone? It has very few details on the engraving and how we came by it is a mystery. Any information, however little,

would enable me to catalogue the item more fully.

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This splendid shield has languished on the top of a cabinet in Bursary, certainly for as long as I’ve been at the school. There is no date or detail as to whether it was awarded for anything and my searches through the school magazine, have so far drawn a blank. With a bit of elbow grease from our Estates Dept., it has come up a treat and has been put on display in Greenes House Room, as part of their refurbishment. A tenuous link maybe, but better that, than gathering dust and ignored.


If anyone can shed any light on the shield, please do get in touch. Click on the Contact Us tab for details.



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This fine looking flag has been languishing in a tatty box for quite a while. Now safely stored, I should like to complete the catalogue record.


I know nothing of its provenance and questions have been asked of several Staff and OBs but to no avail. If anyone has an iota of information or a story to tell about it, please let me know.



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Peter Tipton OB, is slowly working his way through various lists of Old Berkhamstedians who served in the Great War, adding their #LifeStories to the IWM permanent digital memorial.


The links to the various communities are as follows -

https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/community/6743         https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/community/7591

https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/community/3529          https://livesofthefirstworldwar.org/community/7181


He says that the communities are far from complete but has until next March until the website is frozen. If anyone in our community is interested in this project and can offer any help, please contact Peter via the Old Berkhamstedians at TOB @ berkhamsted.com

Tie rack

The collection of 1997 ties, seen previously on the Features page, links to this request for help. The Senior house set is incomplete, missing a tie for Greenes. If any ex-Greenite has a 1997 issue tie, that they would be willing to donate, please get in touch, with grateful thanks in advance.


The ‘Arts’ tie, came with just that label, no date or further information about its awarding. Again, if any knowledge about it can be passed my way, I’ll be able to complete the catalogue record.

Thank you.

Arts tie

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